Tata Pad

Simple to activate,
safe to use

Tata’s installation only takes a few minutes. All you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth® technology and the Tata app.

  • Suitable for all child car seats

Tata has been designed to adapt to all car seats approved for children, from age groups 0+ up to age group 3.

  • Works without a SIM card

We use Bluetooth® communication to communicate between Tata e your phone. In an emergency, calls and texts are made via a virtual telephone system connected to the Tata app.

  • Comfortable and easy to clean

Tata has been designed to be comfortable. And it is easily removeable and washable by hand.

Connect to the app

Download the Tata app. The app contains simple instructions for connecting the cushion to your smartphone.

Note: To connect Tata to your phone you must activate Bluetooth®.

Compatible with

Imposta i contatti di emergenza

Durante il collegamento imposta nell'app fino a 3 numeri fidati. In caso di pericolo, il centralino virtuale li avviserà con una chiamata di emergenza e un SMS.

Scopri perché questo è il sistema più sicuro

Place it on the car seat

Thanks to the capacitive sensor Tata will automatically activate, and only when your child sits on it.

  • All purpose

It adapts to any type and model of car seat.

  • Intelligent

If you position anything else on it, which is not a child, it won’t be activated.

Share it with the other parent

Share Tata with the other parent – they can connect to the same device at the same time.

Tata - In car Child Safety Device

How the alarm system works

1st alarm level

Sound notification on your smartphone

When your child is on board and you move away from the vehicle with your smartphone, after a few meters you will receive a first-level alert, which is an audible sound notification also if the smartphone is silent.

Deactivate the alert to let Tata know that everything is fine.

2nd alarm level

Call to your smartphone

If you do not deactivate the alarm, you will receive an emergency call from our virtual telephone system.

Follow the operator’s instructions to confirm that everything is under control.

Allarme di 3° livello

SMS e chiamata ai contatti di emergenza

Qualora non riuscissi a rispondere nemmeno alla nostra chiamata, verrà inviata un’ultima notifica sonora della durata di 60 sec.

Se l’allarme non verrà disattivato partirà una chiamata di emergenza e un SMS ai numeri da te preselezionati con l'indicazione GPS utile ad individuare la posizione del bambino.

Le chiamate e gli SMS non sono inviati da Tata, ma dal centralino virtuale a cui si collega l'app, indipendentemente dal tuo smartphone.

Scopri perché questo è il sistema più sicuro

Frequently asked questions

What if I forget my smartphone in the car?

Tata is able to understand if you are travelling or you are stationary: and if the child is on board, if the car has been stationary for more than 10 minutes and the smartphone is still connected via Bluetooth to Tata, then you have probably parked leaving the smartphone in the car: in this case Tata will activate the security alarms to the emergency contacts.

What if the smartphone has the Bluetooth turned off?

When the child is on board and Tata can't connect with your smartphone because the Bluetooth is off (or the smartphone is off), it will emit an intermittent sound to remind you to turn it on (a bit like with seat belts).

What if the smartphone is dead, turned off or has no reception?

When the child is still on board and the smartphone suddenly switches off because its battery ran out, our virtual telephone system will make calls to your selected contacts a security call: they will be notified that the child is on board, but that Tata can no longer communicate with your smartphone.

More safety, fewer worries

Find out why Tata is the safest anti abandonment device