Easy to install and really easy to use

Set up Tata Pad in 2 steps: get the Tata Pad app on the app store (iOS/Android) and connect it to your phone with Bluetooth. Let us take care of the rest.


come funziona tata pad dispositivo anti abbandono

Start using Tata Pad in 3 simple steps

Connect it to the app
(iOS e Android)

Download the Tata Pad app and follow the guided instructions to connect Tata Pad to your phone. We will ask you to keep your Bluetooth always active.

Set emergency contacts
(up to 5)

Set up to 5 contacts in the app that will be the first to know if your child needs help or is in danger in the car. We recommend using your closes contacts. For example your spouse, partner, grand parents, care takers and/or babysitters.

Place Tata Pad
on the car seat

Slide Tata Pad in car seat’s center
seat belt through the slot provided. When the child sits down, Tata Pad will activate.

See how to position Tata Pad in your car seat

How Tata Pad's intelligent baby alarm system works

1st level alarm

Sound and visual notification
on your phone

If you happen to distance yourself for more than 3 minutes from the car while your child is onboard. Tata Pad will send you a quick notification to remind you your child is still onboard. The notification last 30 seconds and works even when your phone is on silent.


Receiving a warning call
on your phone

If the first alarm isn’t deactivated, we will make a warning call to your phone from our cloud service. To turn off the alarm follow the voice instructions.


Text message and calls to emergency contacts

If the second alarm level isn't deactivated, we will start calling your emergency contacts to warn them. Your emergency contacts can request a simple text message with the last seen location of the child to come and help.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can share the same Tata Pad with another user. This feature is currently under development. We welcome testers to our beta program upon request.

No. Bluetooth radio waves aren’t strong enough to harm you or your child. Tata Pad’s Bluetooth emissions are 200 times lower than the legal limits.

No. Before producing Tata Pad in production, we conducted many safety tests on various models that are ECE R44 and R129 approved. Tata Pad passes all standard crash tests.

No. Calls and text messages are sent from our virtual phone switchboard and are free of charge for the first 4 years.
To extend the service, you can purchase a €10 service charge to cover additional 4 years of service.

Yes. Tata Pad uses 2x CR2032 that you can simply replace when empty. Within the Tata Pad app, you can always check the battery status.

Yes. Tata Pad complies with all legal requirements and meets certified standard by the CSI, the main certification body in Italy.

Make your child's journey safer than ever.

3rd January 2020

“After using it for a month, I’d say it’s a great app that meets all the specifications. I ordered a second Tata Pad today.”