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Tata Pad - The smart anti abandonment device

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Tata Pad – The smart anti abandonment device

The baby car seat alarm created by parents for parents, 100% made in italy. Baby reminder system avoiding accidents with 3 alarm levels and smart adaptive technology. Winner of the German Design Award 2020.

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April 19th, 2021
Dispositivo facile da installare sul seggiolino, app facile da scaricare e configurare.  Rapporto qualità prezzo ottima lo consiglio.
January 3rd, 2020
“After using it for a month I’d say great app, it meets all specifications. I ordered the second device today.”

What they are saying about Tata Pad

“The anti abandonment cushion made in Italy. A simple product made with tested and reliable technologies. Created to answer a precise need for child safety and a mandatory legal obligation in Italy.”
“To look at it, with its small size and cheerful polka dot lining, it looks like a simple pillow to keep in the car to make the trip more comfortable. Actually, Tata Pad, is so much more…”
automoto tata pad review
“Transforming a normal car seat into a state of the art model equipped with a baby reminder alarm without having to buy a new is a reality with Tata Pad.”
“Unlike other devices that only sense pressure, Tata “senses” the child because it detects the electrical conductivity, so it can distinguishes the difference between whether the child is in the car seat or, for example, a shopping bag.”
Tata Pad - dispositivo anti abbandono bluetooth con smartphone

Why choose Tata Pad

Tata Pad is certified and has passed the tests of the CSI, the main certification body in Italy.
Thanks to its dimensions Tata Pad adapts to all types of car seats. Fix it on the seat through the slot.

Calls and text messages are free of charge and do not consume your credit because they are sent from our free cloud service.

You can share the same Tata Pad with another user. The functionality is under development and is currently available on request.
You can connect up to 5 Tata Pads to the same smartphone.
Bluetooth radio waves have too low a power to cause damage. In addition, the radio waves emitted by the Tata Pad are 200 times lower than the legal limits.
Bluetooth radio waves have too low a power to cause damage. In addition, the radio waves emitted by the Tata Pad are 200 times lower than the legal limits.
The cover is removable and washable at 30°C, taking care to remove the electronic part inside.
Tata Pad is equipped with 2 replaceable CR2032. The duration varies depending on use (4 to 14 months).
Tata Pad is the only device that makes emergency calls to you and your trusted contacts.

The first anti abandonment device with 3 intelligent alarms


Sound and visual notification on your smartphone
When the baby’s on board and you leave the vehicle with your smartphone. Tata pad will start sending you an audible notification, even when your smartphone is in silent mode.


Automatic call on your smartphone
If you do not deactivate the first alarm you will receive a free automatic call from our virtual telephone system: just follow the voice instructions to turn off the alarm.


Virtual call and text message to emergency contacts
If you do not deactivate the second alarm we will send an emergency call to your pre-selected numbers. Contacts may require you to send an text message with your car’s GPS location.
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More safety, less worries.