Keep safe
those you love most

Tata is the anti-abandon cushion designed to guarantee maximum safety for your childand your peace of mind.
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Warning: baby on board!
Tata warns you
if your child is still in the car.

Position Tata on the car-seat and connect it to the app on your smartphone.

Thanks to its sensors, Tata is able to understand if your child is on board and warns you, via the app, if you move away from him involuntarily.

Compatible with:

Two levels of alarm,
for unparalleled security.

1. Sound alarm

In case of accidental abandonment, if your child is in the car the Tata app will send you an alarm sound on the smartphone for 60 seconds.

2. Emergency call and SMS

If you do not deactivate the alarm within 60 seconds, the Tata app will send an SMS and an emergency call to 5 numbers selected from your address book, with the GPS position of your car.

Easy and quick installation

Installing Tata is very simple: place it on the car-seat, download the app and connect it to your smartphone.

Replaceable and durable battery

Tata uses 2 (AAA) batteries. After 1 year you can simply replace them.

Compatible with every car-seat

Tata is compatible with any car-seat. Its dimensions are designed to fit anywhere.


Tata is so smart that you do not even need to turn it on. It will be active while your baby is on board.

Even a short commute counts.
Keep safe those you love most.
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