Tata Pad the baby car seat alarm made by parents for parents

Tata Pad is the only baby car seat alarm with 3 levels of alarm to keep your baby safe in the car. Compatible with all car seats models currently on the market.

tata pad dispositivo anti abbandono

Il cuscino salva-bebè
fatto da genitori per genitori

Tata Pad è l’unico dispositivo antiabbandono
con 3 livelli di allarme per una sicurezza senza uguali.
É certificato a norma di legge e compatibile con tutti i seggiolini.

Tata Pad is car crash tested and has passed European car seat laws. Safety is our first concern, we are proud to be compliant according to car seat crash tests laws.

Bluetooth technology does not cause any harm to the child. The transmitting power of Tata Pad is 200 times lower than the European limits.

Thanks to its reduced size, Tata Pad baby car seat alarm adapts to all types of car seats. Fix it on the car seat through the slot and you are ready to go.

The first smart baby car seat alarm with 3 intelligent alarms


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Sound and visual notification
on your smartphone

Your child is on board and by stepping away with your phone from your car, the first level alarm will start. You’ll hear an alarm sound from your phone, even if its on silent, warning you of the child in the car.


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Receiving a call on your phone

If the first alarm stage isn’t deactivated, then the second alarm level will start by making a call to your phone. Follow the voice instructions to turn off the alarm.


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Text message and calls to emergency contacts

If the second alarm level isn’t deactivated, we will start calling your chosen emergency contacts to warn them. With a simple text message they can receive the location of the child to come and help.

Why is Tata Pad safer than other baby car seat alarms?

Tata Pad is the only baby car seat alarm that automatically warns emergency contacts in its safety program. Furthermore, the alarm system is independent of the smartphone.

Why is Tata Pad safer than other baby car seat alarms?


Download the app, connect Tata Pad
to your smartphone and place it
on the car seat. Now you’re ready to go!

Emergency contacts selected will receive calls and text messages in case of emergency. They do not need to install anything.

You can connect up to 5 Tata Pads to the same phone.

You can share the same Tata Pad with other two users. The functionality is available for iOS and Android.

Calls and text messages are free and do not cost you anything. Everything is handled by us.

Connecting your phone to Tata Pad
and your car’s bluetooth work with no interference at the same time.

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“Modern, minimalist, avant-garde.
A modern solution to a contemporary problem”
– German Design Award Jury

Tata Pad is easy to use and install

Tata Pad activates when your child is
on board and connects to your phone
without further action.

Tata Pad connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you with audible and visual alarms in case you leave the car with a child on board.

Tata Pad has passed all the crash
tests carried out with various models
of R44 and R129 approved seats.

Tata Pad - dispositivo anti abbandono bluetooth con smartphone

More safety. Less to worry about.

3rd January 2020

“After using it for a month I’d say great app, it meets all specifications. I ordered the second device today.”

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