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Tata Pad – the first smart baby car seat alarm system

Created by parents for parents and 100% made in Italy, Tata Pad helps you avoiding accidents with 3 alarm levels and smart adaptive technology. Winner of the German Design Award 2020.

**Available in North America by the end of March 2022.

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3rd January 2020

“After using it for a month, I’d say it’s a great app that meets all the specifications. I ordered the second device today.”

4th December 2019

“After a first day of using and testing the Tata pad app. I can confirm that it fits the declared specifications. Which are by far the best and most complete among all the baby alert systems on the Italian market”.

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“Some cars now notify drivers that they’ve left something in the back seat, but Italy”s Filo goes even further with the Tata Pad for infants.


“Every year we hear horrific news stories about babies left in hot cars, so it’s no surprise that tech companies are trying to prevent that tragedy. The company Filo is one of them. In 2020, it launched the Tata Pad safety pad for older children. “


“Since 1998, 873 children have died in the US after being left in a hot car. One is too many. The Tata baby car seat system will warn you if you’ve accidentally left a child behind.”

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“The Consumer Electronics Show usually features a lot of high-tech tools and toys that often do not have a real-world use. But a pair of devices featured this year could help prevent hot car deaths of children. The devices are from an Italian company and are called the Tata Pad and the Tata Band.”

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Tata Pad - dispositivo anti abbandono bluetooth con smartphone

Why choose Tata Pad

Tata Pad is certified and has passed the tests of the CSI, the main certification body in Italy.

Thanks to its dimensions Tata Pad adapts to all types of car seats. Fit it directly in the car seat between the belt latches.

Calls and text messages are free of charge and do not use your phone’s contract.

You can share the same Tata Pad with two other users. The functionality is available for iOS and Android.

Simply pair the new Tata Pad to your phone and you’re ready to go.

Bluetooth radio waves have too low a power to cause damage. Also, the radio waves emitted by the Tata Pad are 200 times lower than the legal limits.

The cover is removable and washable at 30°C (86°F), take care to not wet the internal electrical parts.

Tata Pad uses 2 replaceable (CR2032) button size batteries. The duration varies depending on use (4 to 14 months).

Tata Pad is the only device that sends emergency calls to you and your trusted contacts.

The first car child reminder device with 3 intelligent alarms

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Sound and visual notification on your phone

If you happen to distance yourself for more than 3 minutes from the car while your child is onboard. Tata Pad will send you a quick notification to remind you your child is still onboard. The notification last 30 seconds and works even when your phone is on silent.

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Receiving a warning
call on your phone

If the first alarm isn’t deactivated, we will make a warning call to your phone from our cloud service. To turn off the alarm follow the voice instructions.

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Text message and calls to emergency contacts

If the second alarm level isn’t deactivated, we will start calling your emergency contacts to warn them. Your emergency contacts can request a simple text message with the last seen location of the child to come and help.

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More safety, less to worry about.

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